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LeatherNeck President

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​Our 2nd annual party will be on Sunday, 16 February 2014,  at the FRA off Nimitz highway  starting at 1400 (2PM).

President (Boss) (808) 426-3657
Vice Prez (Preacher) (808) 779-4421
Sgt at Arms (UG) (910) 265-2213

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We believe that the


we wear, say it all!

other Chapters With Websites

Oklahoma: www.ok-leatherneck-mc.com

Mass: www.mass-leatherneck-mc.com

Hawaii Chapter President Leatherneck Boss:


Oklahoma Chapter President Leatherneck Bax:


Mass Chapter President Leatherneck Gunny:


If you need information not found on a state website or for more information regarding membership or if you are interested in forming a chapter in your home state contact
​Leatherneck Big Tow, Membership Coordinator and Information Officer


We ride thousands of miles each year, every day, rain or shine, with our Brothers to attend parties, social events, rallies, funerals, veterans' events or just spend time hanging out together.

Like everyone, we work, have families, support fellow veterans and our communities and do many of the same things they do. We believe in America and the Constitution, and will always defend both. We are a Brotherhood of Marines from all walks of life that ride together, take care of each other and still know how to party and raise hell from time to time! We believe that in giving respect, we will get respect. We will never intentionally disrespect anyone, nor will we tolerate disrespect by others.